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Our focus is on delivering 100% placement to our aviation management students. Through the guidance of our skilled faculty and tailored placement support, we equip graduates with the necessary tools for thriving careers in this dynamic field. .



Rajdhani Airways offers an excellent learning opportunity and also assists in securing placements in the aviation industry. With their comprehensive training programs, you can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge required for a successful career in aviation. The company's experienced professionals and modern facilities ensure a high-quality learning experience. Furthermore, the placement assistance provided by Rajdhani Airways helps you find suitable job opportunities in the aviation sector. This can be an ideal opportunity for those interested in pursuing a career in aviation and looking for a reliable training and placement service.

Career Opportunity

Cabin Crew

Our cabin crew training is designed to prepare you for a career as a professional flight attendant. It covers all aspects of the job, including safety procedures, customer service, and emergency response. You will learn how to maintain calm under pressure, communicate effectively with passengers, and ensure their safety throughout the flight.

Roles & Responsibility

   Greeting passengers as they board and exit the plane.

   Serving meals and refreshments

   Checking the condition and provision of emergency equipment and information for passengers.

Ground Staff

Our ground staff training provides comprehensive knowledge and skills to work in various roles at airports, including check-in, boarding, baggage handling, and customer service. You will learn how to handle passenger requests, navigate airport systems, and ensure a smooth and safe travel experience.

Roles & Responsibility

   Greeting and welcoming passengers, and responding to questions

   Checking in baggage.

   Stocking aircraft with refreshments.


Our PSA training equips you with the skills to assist passengers with their travel requirements, including ticketing, check-in, and baggage handling. You will learn how to provide excellent customer service, handle difficult situations, and ensure a positive passenger experience.

Roles & Responsibility

   Helping with the boarding process

   Keeping in touch with customers

   Processing check-ins, and ensuring security


Our CSA training teaches you how to provide exceptional customer service to airline passengers. You will learn essential skills such as conflict resolution, complaint handling, and communication skills. You will also learn how to handle a variety of situations that can arise in a fast-paced, dynamic work environment.

Roles & Responsibility

   Provide accurate, valid and complete information.

   Obtain business connections

   Achieve sales and phone handling goals for the customer support team.

Why Choose Us

01 Rajdhani Airways is committed to providing the highest quality training in the aviation and hospitality industries. Our experienced faculty and industry connections ensure that our students receive the best possible education and preparation for their careers.

02 We offer customized placement services tailored to your career goals, ensuring that you find the perfect opportunity to achieve your dreams.

03 We believe that quality education should be accessible to everyone, which is why we offer our courses at affordable prices.

04 We are committed to maintaining our reputation as a leading provider of aviation and hospitality training and are always looking for ways to improve our services.

05 Our satisfied students and their positive feedback are a testament to the quality of our training and services. Join us today and experience the difference that Rajdhani Airways can make in your career.

06 Rajdhani Airways has a proven track record of placing its graduates in top aviation companies on time.


Rajdhani Airways is a company that offers placement opportunities to both external and internal students.

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